Sad, isn't it?

A loved one passes...

you consider how best to lay them to rest, a stressful decision taken at your most grief-stricken, but, your options are so limited...

Stark, dilapidated  crematoriums, overcrowded graveyards, expensive ceremonies, short leases & high maintenance costs.

These sombre locations have no affinity to your family, where you probably staged the funeral, a place you would not normally re-visit.

So like 8 million others in the UK, you keep hold of the urn, which after a stint on the mantelpiece, is now stored in a shed, loft or garage, a sad end to someone who gave you life or life partnership.



Scatter the ashes illegally, damaging the environment, with limited access and without a permanent memorial?



L E G A C Y    S A N C T U A R Y    E T E R N I T Y 


Introducing an unique, evocative means to celebrate the passing of a loved one. The first viable burial alternative...


 since Saxon times..


Memorial Walls

are entombment caskets

for human remains,

set within intelligent, sculptural installations located on attractive  recreational land.

Prices are 50% less than conventional funerals, offer 100 year leases fully maintained for a one-off fee, with finance & insurance plans available from as

little as ...


   £15per month


Planning for a funeral is something which people often shy away from, the truth is that people who’ve made arrangements for the event of their death experience peace of mind. After all, nobody wants to think of leaving their loved ones with financial, emotional and practical burdens when they’ve gone, sadly this is the case for half of all funerals.

That’s why people write wills and take out life insurance policies. 


The same forethought can be applied to planning and paying for a your future funeral and eternal memorialisation.

HMW offer funeral planning & events consultancy, as part of their service. This will navigate you through the stages of: budget, funeral direction, payment plans, ceremonies,  urns, coffins, eulogies, direct cremation options, legal and insurance regulations.

Housemartin Memorial Walls objective is to reduce both stress & cost,  providing an evocative and memorable funeral solution which will create an emotional journey from mourning death to the

celebration of a life.  







Housemartin Memorial Walls

(HMW) are practically indestructible; hermitically sealed, weather/vandal proof, designed in stainless steel, HMW interment caskets, housed within the wall, contain bespoke urns for: individuals, partners, families, pets & memorabilia.

 Carbon neutral and powered by solar renewable energy for: lighting, webcams & alarms.

Each fascia engraved with your personal details and a QR code linked to the HMW website & App where the life story of the interred, is hosted and broadcast.

HMW caskets can be; removed, transferred to another wall or re- configured for future groupings. Planters, reflection zone benches, sculptures and landscaping will be added at key periods.

Each wall reduces the need for 10 acres of land to become burial plots and alleviates the spreading of  500 gallons of ashes containing 18 carcinogens and phosphate poisons.

HMW reserve spaces for indigent interment, and donate 20% of net revenue to CSR causes. For Letchworth Golf Club the Diggers own Garden House Hospice,  will be our charity partner, with a £50,000 donation budgeted upon completion of the first wall.

Where your Final Resting Place is your Favourite Place 

Where your Final Resting Place is your Favourite Place 




Where your Final Resting Place is your Favourite Place 

Where your Final Resting Place is your Favourite Place 

Where your Final Resting Place is your Favourite Place 

The Funeral Director or our Clients,

hand over their loved one's URN with Certification

to be curated by the HMW Facilities Team 







Daniel Defoe coined the phrase only 2 things are certain in life

Death & Taxes

UK Annual Mortality

Rate remains

constant at circa 1% 

560,000 - 600,000

55,546 adults surveyed

by YouGov in 2016

 83% prefer cremation

In 2009 D.E.F.R.A. 

(Dept. of Environment, Fisheries & Rural Affairs)

in consultation with I.C.C.M.

(Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management) 

changed crematorium legislation to reduce mercury emissions. As a result ashes are condensed, and contain 18 carcinogens & phosphates, and as such, are now classified as

contaminated waste!

Co-Op Funeral Care &

Dignity Memorial

the UKs largest Funeral Directors confirm that,  post cremation, up to 50% of urns

can remain uncollected, as clients seek attractive scattering options. 

Currently in Baldock, Letchworth & Hitchin there is NO available burial or scattering space; Luton, Stevenage, Bedford or Holwell will have to be your final resting place.

HMW joint venture with Letchworth Golf Club and the Letchworth Heritage Foundation will not only generate significant annual income to enhance the Club's on course facilities but also refine the catering and entertaining services in the clubhouse.


It is also believed that members effectively stating that the Club is their favourite place for all eternity makes a great statement to prospective new members and junior members considering future options.  

After 5 years of research

& development

Housemartin Memorial Walls 

attained UK Government accreditation, as curators of the best recreational space; parks, monuments, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests  and often in partnership with local authorities, National Trust, English Heritage, Royal Parks,  at venues such as the 2012 Olympic Park, Kew Gardens, Hampstead Heath, Snowdonia, Ben Nevis...

In order to navigate public procurement HMW has undergone full due Diligence & Compliance checks; QA Stress Testing, Prototype Production, CRB Checks, Planning Permissions, Consumer Focus Groups, GDPR Compliance, Legal Ratification - Consumer Contract & Finance Agreements, IP Rights, Partnership Collaborations & finally DEFRA, GLA, Mayor of London, Secretary of State, 

Trustee/Estates/Planner sign off.

Ahead of HMW major 2019 public launch, the first wall to be erected worldwide, will be at Letchworth Golf Club, enabling the Letchworth Heritage Foundation to add to their boast as the site of the world's first roundabout.

It will be the first Memorial Wall NOT to be located in a burial ground and NOT in honour  of a disaster.


A venue lovingly selected, due to our relationship with the late

John Ellis, who passed in 2018, he was a 55 year member of the Club and 70 year resident of Letchworth Garden City, there could be no better venue for his mortal remains & eternal resting place, and along with John's bench, proudly sited by the 16th tee he will take his place in the LGC Memorial Wall.


As HMW are a local company;  with manufacturers, fabricators, prototype designers and maintenance teams based in Letchworth and management,  sales & marketing in Hitchin, extra special attention will be bestowed upon this, the inaugural project.  


Jim Abraham 

Letchworth Golf Club

Captain 2018

''This is a most exciting commercial opportunity for Letchworth Golf Club, it has, not only, strengthened our relationship with the Heritage, but also, the income it will generate will enhance our facilities for the benefit of our members. Additionally,  the benevolent reflection it places on our Club will reflect the loyalty we all share, which should attract new members''


“As a nation we have simply accepted that this is how it is, but if we were to step back and think about it, surely our loved ones deserve better when it comes to the ritual and dealing with the ashes of their mortal remains”

“Dealing with ashes has opened up enormous debate, we need a credible alternative to the numerous unsatisfactory options currently available for the disposal of our ‘loved ones’ ashes, where none offer memorialization as a body burial does”


“Patricia decided to have Graham’s ashes buried on private land familiar to them both, because she wanted to have somewhere to go''

''Brenda wanted somewhere to sit and think about her son, at a location that was special to them both, but attaining permission and marking the burial plot, outside of 'sad' remembrance gardens or graveyards was impossible!”





Can ashes be scattered

in a cemetery?

Not all formal burial areas such as a churchyard or cemetery allow spreading ashes on family graves, and it’s best to ensure that you have the rights.

Can ashes be scattered on private land?

You need the landowner’s permission to spread ashes, even if is your own garden, make sure you have the right to visit it at a later date, you may sell the home one day.


If you are burying an urn or a box containing the ashes, be aware that in legal terms ashes are treated as a body. 

Can ashes be scattered

in water?

With some caveats, for inland rivers or lakes contact the local Environment Agency to check there is no nearby water supply.


With sea burials, beyond 5 miles off shore you do not have to advise  Environment Agencies.

Can ashes be scattered in National Parks/Monuments?

As ashes affect fragile plant life, you are damaging the eco-system, and access will be limited and a permanent memorial impossible.



HMW in collaboration with

renowned contemporary artist

Patrick Hurst MRBS will create sculptural landscapes that form reflection zones in and around the Memorial Walls


life stories 




Albert Frederick Rockall

Determination & Creativity 


Eddie Kilday 

Local Legend


Housemartin Memorial Walls

creative team consists of award-wining: script writers, designers, editors, vloggers, animators, cinematographers, videographers & photographers.


The HMW Team can not only, create a wonderfully crafted movie in honour of the life story of the deceased, but also, script film & edit interviews and pre-recorded eulogies that can be assimilated in advance of your passing, or ahead of an early onset condition.


 This footage could deliver advice and comforting words to surviving relatives as a virtual time capsule.

We can digitise all previous formats from 16mm film, VHS, Beta, Super8, CDR, DVD, stills photography and video.

This can include voice over, music royalty or royalty free, special editing effects, animations, annotations, vox pop interviews with key relatives and up to the moment footage including funeral ceremonies.

Most importantly your story will be told, your legacy will live on, instantly accessible, or restricted to select groups, via our HMW App, website or via social media such as our Facebook and YouTube Channel.





Housemartin Memorial Walls

Events Team have their own methodology...

There are about 600,000 funerals every year in the UK,

most follow a ceremony
either, steeped in firm religious beliefs, tradition, or, sticking to a tried and tested routine of
hymns and prayers.

Eulogies often delivered
by people who were
strangers to the deceased.

These sombre,
formulaic ceremonies
are often poor tributes
and soon fade from memory.

The HMW methodology

is that every reception or lay to rest ceremony must be an emotional journey.

free to be Sad
free to Cry
 free to Private Prayer

free to Clap
free to Sing
free to Laugh

Our ceremonies can deliver: bespoke scripted speaker support, eulogies, invites, order of service, photo montages, videos, poems, selected popular recorded music, live performance music and great food & drink. 

For the 350 attendees of John Ellis's funeral in March 2018, you will certainly testify to this approach. An event that was particularly crafted to match his personality.

It was certainly memorable, which is important, for as long as you are remembered, discussed,

 dreamt about, your key dates celebrated, old videos & photos reviewed, your final resting place re-visited, your presence will be felt and as such you will 'live' on.



Don't look so sad,
I know it's over
But life goes on
and this old world
will keep on turning
let's just be glad we had some time to spend together


Perry Como

For the Good Times (1973)

Housemartin Memorial Walls Event Team  understands how to deliver a great event.

In the UK there are thousands of specialist Wedding Planners & event organisers, yet almost none for the funeral sector.

We have a dedicated team and affiliated companies who have worked within the corporate, private and public events sector for over 50 years who have created; motivational, celebratory & event solutions for 75 of the Times Top 100 companies.

We enable our clients to engage, entertain & inspire their audience, delivering 700 events for 1,000 clients within the last decade, many events would be described as normal family events, which became enhanced, memorable familial gatherings delivered within affordable budgets. 

Our core values are to listen to our clients requirements, create unique concepts, then deliver bespoke events that not only achieve set objectives, but also exceed expectations.

HMW add the creative magic and consistent core narrative from concept through; planning meetings to the final event.

HMW deliver...   





HMW Events improve morale, uplift, improve awareness and leave a lasting legacy. 

For the Letchworth Pilot Project, events can be staged at the Clubhouse where significant revenue is being allocated to enhance all facilities to cater for such ceremonies, or even within marquees situated at site of the HMW Memorial Walls. 



Housemartin Memorial Walls App understands its audience and is specifically designed for them.

Primarily, the HMW customer is focused on the deceased known to them, and if they do NOT wish others to view this information, viewership can be limited via URN to family members and permitted friends/colleagues.

Use of the App or links to the HMW website and Social Media will facilitate them viewing HMW BIO Legacy Videos of their relative's life story, or, the HMW Laying to Rest Ceremony, Funerals, Wakes or Receptions.

Secondarily, via use of a simple to use algorithm, how their relative connected to others within their Housemartin Memorial Wall or other Walls via... address, schools, higher education, military service, career, hobbies, marriage, awards, favourite teams, destinations…

In essence unique to its audience, offering them something new that they didn’t know they missed.

HMW App will not crash, wont be slow, and does what you expect it to do, like those of default apps put out by Apple and Google — they just work, great apps must be snappy and offer fast response times.

With our App you can get in and out in just a couple of taps or seconds, the wow moment of the HMW App only really happens when that occurs quickly every time - focused, intuitive, fast, and a pleasure to use.

App Technology 





John Robert Ellis

A Celebration of his Wonderful Life


People are already seeking bespoke, kinder, eco-friendly alternatives